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Drank and Principe :

Drank : Water treatment before rejection not polluting in natural environment.

Principle : A specific bioreactor associated with ultrafiltration by membranes.

Specified standard "MEPC-2(V1)"



       - Collect black water in the special bioreactor.

     - The organic matter is treated, without odors, nor degasification.

     - Water charged resulting from the process circulates through especially dimensioned filter membranes.

     - The filtrate thus recovered is evacuated in natural environment.


This modular system can be adapted for daily outputs from 150L to 1500L/day, by appropriate tank additions, pumps and filters.

The system is entirely automatic, controlled by an automat. The information necessary for the automat is transmitted by sensors (flows, pressures, levels, functioning/pump, alarms, setting judgement in safety, etc...).




Once per annum or after each stop of more than 15 days, clear water rinsing tanks and the filters.

PICTURE ship wastewater treatment plant,centrale bilogique traitement des eaux usées sur bateau,Behandlungszentrale von Abwassern für Schiffe, traitement eaux usées sur yachts
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