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              A Real working tool ans not a simple electrical assistance





The Crank MODEA  was studied as answer to the following criteria  :

-  Ergonomic design (easy to handle of only one hand)

-  Uninterrupted use ,continuous use without time limitation

-  Auto- locking in horizontal winches

-   no batteries to carry, Unlimited autonomy, No batteries to change

-  Small overall dimensions

-  Power (torque 130 Nm)

-  Safety cable for crank on board boat and feed-  Waterproof : by a molded and stuck case IP67 (Tested 5 meters 8 Hours)

The traction which a good team-member applies to a winch of 250 mm is approximately 55 kg.

Electric winch handle « MODEA » provides you an equivalent traction of 83 Lbs This traction enables you to carry out your manoeuvring in all weathers.

The two directions of rotation actuate your winchs with 2 or 3 speeds.



Electric crank « MODEA » now enables you to send your large veil, to unroll or roll up your "génois", to border your listenings, or to send a team-member at the head of mast without any effort.

Its weak weight and its small overall dimensions are an invaluable help for your team-members, male or female!

​-Its direct power supply allows you not to worry about all known problems on wireless drills or batteries of mobile phones Always unloaded when needed.


Imagine… Wind 7 to 8, your boat's moving! With the « MODEA » no need to take dangerous to hand your sail.

Think about the efforts of providing and the danger to carry up a team-member at the head of mast ! With the electric winch handle, a hand to border, another one to ensure itself, and without effort.


For one the third of the price of only one winch electric, electric winch handle « MODEA » motorizes all the winchs your sailing ship.


Energy on board being the principal concern on a sailing ship, electric winch handle « MODEA » was conceived with an engine of low power (380W).

The great reduction by endless screw giving a number of revolutions at exit of 70 RPM makes it possible to obtain an important torque for a consumption of 15 A/h at 12 volts or 7 A/h at 24 volts.


The concept of the integrated whole of « MODEA » allows a simple and easy installation thanks to the kit of assembly including :

-      A sealed plug

-      A thermal breaker

-      A flexible cable connected to your battery

And your crank is ready to function.

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